Dr. McDougall’s Pear-Cranberry Crumble

  • Posted by Julia Kent on Oct 10 2016

A pioneer in the evidence-based nutrition movement, John McDougall, MD, is the author of several bestselling books, founder and director of the McDougall Program, and cofounder of Dr. McDougall’s Right Foods. His new book, The Healthiest Diet on the Planet, offers a delicious, easy-to-follow, and proven guide to preventing disease and looking and feeling our best—simply by eating the foods we’ve always loved, like pizza, pancakes, potatoes, pasta, and more!   For years we’ve been told that a healthy diet is loaded with meat, poultry and fish. The fact is, diets loaded with animal proteins are high in calories and cholesterol, and can too often leave us feeling hungry and unsatisfied—a recipe for overeating. Complex carbohydrates like whole grains, legumes, root vegetables, and other starch-rich foods can provide your body the necessary essential nutrients that satisfy your appetite while simultaneously keeping you happy and healthy.   The new book features more than sixty healthy, plant-based recipes—from breakfast burritos…

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Slim Down Now

Discover the Power of Pulses

  • Posted by Admin on Feb 23 2015

In her new book, Slim Down Now, Cynthia Sass offers a complete guide to harnessing the power of pulses to achieve weight-loss success. Sass introduces a unique class of protein-rich carbs—including lentils, beans, and chickpeas—called “pulses” that satisfy your hunger while simultaneously whittling away belly fat.

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Blackberry smoothie

Blackberry Coconut Milk Shake

  • Posted by Admin on Jul 22 2014

Shakes are an important item in our wellness toolbox. Having a breakfast shake a few days a week is a simple way to provide your body with more water and easily absorbable nutrients and to reduce the work of the digestive system. Try this easy shake recipe.

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Peach Cobbler Art Smith's Healthy Comfort

Peach Cobbler is Synonymous with Summer

  • Posted by Admin on Jul 02 2014

“Peach cobbler is synonymous with summer,” says Art Smith in his cookbook, Art Smith’s Healthy Comfort. So as your plan your Fourth of July celebration, bake up this dessert with some of summer’s ripe fruit. Vanilla ice cream is not optional.

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Watermelon Gazpacho

Watermelon Gazpacho

  • Posted by Admin on Jun 24 2014

Hot summer weather means it’s melon time! Try this Watermelon Gazpacho from Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s Eat to Live Cookbook as a cool, seasonal first course or a light and refreshing lunch. Get the recipe.

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Baked Oatmeal from Yummy Mummy Kitchen

Strawberry Rhubarb Baked Oatmeal

  • Posted by Admin on Jun 12 2014

Natural oatmeal sweetened with agave syrup and topped with some milk and berries is a healthy way to start the day. On weekends make oatmeal a little more fun by baking it with fruit and nuts. Strawberry rhubarb is a combination that highlights some of the s fruits and vegetables you’ll find in the market right now!

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Granola Bar

Barn Bars: A Hungerbuster and Summer Snack Staple

  • Posted by Admin on Jun 03 2014

The delicious Barn Bar, from Appetite for Life by Stacey Antine, is high in heart-healthy fats and fiber. Parents like this simple hungerbuster for any time of day, but it’s especially good as a morning snack and would no doubt make an excellent addition to a picnic basket.

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Grilled Watermelon

Make Summer 2014 Your Healthiest, Happiest Season Yet!

  • Posted by Admin on May 22 2014

From tips for staying on track with your healthy eating plan, to a program for strengthening your mind and body, the team at Elixir is bringing you the tools and expert advice you need to make Summer 2014 your healthiest and happiest season yet. So stay tuned in the coming weeks for exclusive recipes, fitness suggestions, and healthy living recommendations to take you from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

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perfect love green juice recipe

Perfect LOVE* green juice from Organic Avenue

  • Posted by Admin on May 01 2014

It’s officially spring and we cannot think of a better time to enjoy a refreshing, homemade juice to prepare for the warm weather ahead. Luckily, Denise Mari knows the trick and she’s sharing it in this recipe for perfect LOVE* green juice, from her book Organic Avenue.

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Creamy Cabbage Soup The End of Dieting recipe

Creamy Cabbage Soup from The End of Dieting

  • Posted by Admin on Apr 01 2014

Are you looking for a healthy, delicious, and filling recipe that packs a green vegetable punch and helps fight fat storage? Dr. Fuhrman has one! He shared his recipe for Creamy Cabbage Soup from The End of Dieting with Dr. Oz. Get the full recipe to try at home!

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