Saving Normal

Take Charge of Your Own Mental Well-Being

  • Posted by Admin on Aug 19 2014

In a time where doctors and patients alike are quick to diagnose and prescribe pills for “psychiatric conditions” that may be no more than the ups and downs of a normal life, Allen Frances, author of Saving Normal, suggests an alternative involving our own natural resilience.

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healthstyle foodist

How Does Your Healthstyle Reflect Your Habits and Your Personality?

  • Posted by Admin on May 29 2014

Foodist author Darya Pino Rose uses the term “healthstyle” to refer to the actions, dietary or otherwise, that impact your health and body weight. If your healthstyle is a reflection of your cumulative habits, from the food you eat, to how often you exercise, to where you live and the company you keep, then what is yours saying about you?

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Fierce Medicine cover

Your Summer Goals: Set Your Intent

  • Posted by Admin on May 27 2014

Is the path you’re walking making your truly happy? Ana Forrest, author of Fierce Medicine, reminds us that in order to live an authentic life and achieve our goals, it’s important to set your intent.

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Grilled Watermelon

Make Summer 2014 Your Healthiest, Happiest Season Yet!

  • Posted by Admin on May 22 2014

From tips for staying on track with your healthy eating plan, to a program for strengthening your mind and body, the team at Elixir is bringing you the tools and expert advice you need to make Summer 2014 your healthiest and happiest season yet. So stay tuned in the coming weeks for exclusive recipes, fitness suggestions, and healthy living recommendations to take you from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

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Woman Code stressors

Soothe Stress Naturally

  • Posted by Admin on May 15 2014

There are two kinds of stressors: internal and external. Internal stressors are those that disrupt your body’s normal health patterns. External stressors are those that occur outside of your body, but have a real physiological and psychological impact on your well-being. Alisa Vitti, author of WomanCode, gives some of the most common stressors and action plans for minimizing the toll they take on your overall health.

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Body Doesnt Lie cover blurb

Understand and Take Better Care of Your Body

  • Posted by Admin on Apr 24 2014

The Body Doesn’t Lie author and pain expert Vicky Vlachonis explains her approach to helping us understand our bodies, and why pain is at the epicenter of her program for living well. Read her Q&A with The Body Book author Cameron Diaz.

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Boost Your Brain by Majid Fotuhi MD

Boost Your Short-Term Memory

  • Posted by Admin on Mar 25 2014

With the right health habits, you can keep your brain growing at any age. Dr. Majid Fotuhi, author of Boost Your Brain, shares eight brain-busting tips for significantly improving your short-term memory with Ladies Home Journal.

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Boost Your Brain by Majid Fotuhi MD

Your Bigger, Better Brain is Within Reach

  • Posted by Admin on Feb 06 2014

The human brain can actually grow—and a bigger brain means better memory, creativity, speed of learning, and ability to concentrate. In Boost Your Brain Dr. Majid Fotuhi gives a complete program for increasing brain size and enhancing brain function, including memory, creativity, comprehension, and concentration.

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Who benefits from MELT?

Who Benefits from MELT-ing?

  • Posted by Admin on Jan 28 2014

The MELT Method works by rehydrating the connective tissue—the tissue that supports, protects, and stabilizes. And when your connective tissue is hydrated, you look and feel better. MELT-ing releases stuck stress, reduces headaches, vanishes wrinkles, and improves your flexibility and posture. Take matters into your own hands with MELT and restore whole-body efficiency to lead a healthier, more active, pain free life.

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The Secrets of Happy Families by Bruce Feiler

Have a Happier Family in 2014!

  • Posted by Admin on Jan 07 2014

Bruce Feiler found himself squeezed between aging parents and rising children. He set out on a three-year journey to find the smartest ideas, cutting-edge research, and novel solutions to make his family happier. To kick-start you and your family toward greater harmony this year, here are Bruce’s five ways to make family “dinner” a time for communication, rather than chaos.

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