Fuhrman End of Dieting 3D

Cure Food Addiction the End of Dieting Way

  • Posted by Admin on Jul 29 2014

After attending one of Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s health immersions, Debbie learned how to take control of her health and cure her food addictions. Woman’s World shares Debbie’s transformation and Dr. Fuhrman’s The End of Dieting food plan she followed to achieve her goals.

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Tibetan Poses Video

Try These Five Simple Exercises for Daily Rejuvenation

  • Posted by Admin on May 13 2014

The Body Doesn’t Lie author Vicky Vlachonis demonstrates five simple exercises, known as Tibetan poses, to help your physically and emotionally strength. Watch her walk viewers through the sequence for The Dr. Oz Show viewers.

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Vicky Vlachonis author image

End Your Chronic Pain

  • Posted by Admin on May 06 2014

The Body Doesn’t Lie author Vicky Vlachonis discusses her three-step program to end chronic pain on The Doctor Oz Show. Watch the clip to learn how to get to the root of your pain and learn five poses to heal your mind and body.

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Clean Eats cover

Kitchen Guidelines to Restart Your Body and Overhaul Your Health

  • Posted by Admin on Apr 30 2014

Dr. Alejandro Junger shares with Dr. Oz the pantry staples you need on hand to eat clean and overhaul your health. Watch The Doctor Oz Show segment HERE. Learn more about what it means to be truly healthy (and eat delicious food) in Dr. Junger’s new book, Clean Eats.

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end of dieting dr. fuhrman

Learn to Identify When You’re Truly Hungry

  • Posted by Admin on Apr 22 2014

Bestselling author and weight loss expert Dr. Joel Fuhrman wants us to forget everything we know about dieting. Dr. Fuhrman shares what we’re doing wrong and how to get it right with Dr. Oz. Read his tips and find out more in his new book, The End of Dieting.

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end of dieting dr. fuhrman

New Rules for Permanent Weight Loss

  • Posted by Admin on Mar 27 2014

You’re not failing your diet, your diet is failing you. Joel Fuhrman, M.D., author of The End of Dieting, discusses why fad diets don’t work and what you should really be doing to achieve permanent weight loss and lifelong health on The Dr. Oz Show.

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