Grilled Watermelon

Make Summer 2014 Your Healthiest, Happiest Season Yet!

  • Posted by Admin on May 22 2014

From tips for staying on track with your healthy eating plan, to a program for strengthening your mind and body, the team at Elixir is bringing you the tools and expert advice you need to make Summer 2014 your healthiest and happiest season yet. So stay tuned in the coming weeks for exclusive recipes, fitness suggestions, and healthy living recommendations to take you from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

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Tibetan Poses Video

Try These Five Simple Exercises for Daily Rejuvenation

  • Posted by Admin on May 13 2014

The Body Doesn’t Lie author Vicky Vlachonis demonstrates five simple exercises, known as Tibetan poses, to help your physically and emotionally strength. Watch her walk viewers through the sequence for The Dr. Oz Show viewers.

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Osteoporosis The End of Back Pain

Osteoporosis and Back Pain

  • Posted by Admin on Apr 15 2014

Dr. Patrick Roth, author of The End of Back pain, explains how to protect against osteoporosis and preserve back health.

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End of Back Pain cover blurb

Back Pain and The Hidden Core

  • Posted by Admin on Apr 08 2014

Most of us design our exercise programs after a perusal of what we see in the mirror. We want better abdominal muscles, better pectorals, and better biceps. Strengthening the abdominal muscles may be the brass ring if you want to be the newest cast member of a reality TV show. The key to back health, however, is to focus on muscles that can’t be seen in the mirror.

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MELT Method

Sochi is MELT-ing

  • Posted by Admin on Feb 20 2014

Olympic gold medalist Jamie Anderson may have had a competitive advantage. San Diego-based MELT instructor Corrie Anderson traveled to Sochi to give Jamie, her sister, MELT Method treatments in between snowboarding competitions. Yes, we said MELT Method! Read more about Anderson’s time at the Winter Olympics and using the MELT Method for elite athletes in the Del Mar Times.

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MELT Method

What Really Causes Pain?—An Excerpt from The MELT Method

  • Posted by Admin on Jan 30 2014

On an average day, do you wake up feeling refreshed, alert, and ready for your day? If you have pain, your answer is probably no. Being pain-free is a necessary component of good health and it’s time to figure out what is really causing you pain.

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Who benefits from MELT?

Who Benefits from MELT-ing?

  • Posted by Admin on Jan 28 2014

The MELT Method works by rehydrating the connective tissue—the tissue that supports, protects, and stabilizes. And when your connective tissue is hydrated, you look and feel better. MELT-ing releases stuck stress, reduces headaches, vanishes wrinkles, and improves your flexibility and posture. Take matters into your own hands with MELT and restore whole-body efficiency to lead a healthier, more active, pain free life.

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Celebrate National Yoga Month

  • Posted by Admin on Sep 05 2013

September is the official National Yoga Month. To celebrate and inspire healthy living, we’re offering ebooks from renowned yoga teachers Ana Forrest & Donna Farhi for $2.99 each until September 16th!

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Savor health benefits

Is Regular Exercise a Magic Potion?

  • Posted by Admin on Jul 30 2013

When it comes to health and well-being, regular exercise is about as close to a magic potion as you can get. It’s been shown to boost mood, improve quality of life, and help people better deal with life’s stresses. That all sounds pretty great, right?

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