Coconut 24-7

Turmeric Coconut Face Mask

  • Posted by Admin on Jul 31 2014

Featuring over 100 recipes and at-home treatments, COCONUT 24/7 offers tons of healthy ways to use the coconut, a “superfood” that has been loaded with attention from athletes, models, and celebrities alike. Try this turmeric coconut face mask to reduce redness and aging spots, leaving skin smooth and healthy this summer and all year long.

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Suepr Immunity

Food—the Secret to Super Immunity

  • Posted by Admin on Jul 25 2014

Superior nutrition is the secret to Super Immunity, says Dr. Joel Fuhrman. That’s why Dr. Fuhrman believes that the secret to staying healthy lies not in medical care, but rather in changing the way we eat. Food as medicine. Today through August 11th, download the Super Immunity ebook for $2.99.

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Links We Love—7/25/14

  • Posted by Admin on Jul 25 2014

Who’s drinking instant coffee, an infographic for the triangle pose, and vegan cheese advances in a CA lab in this week’s links we love.

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Clean Gut Dr. Alejandro Junger

Clean Gut: Addressing the Root of Health Problems

  • Posted by Admin on Jul 24 2014

When our gut is damaged, it becomes more challenging to lose weight, digest food properly, and maintain stable moods and energy levels. It is through gut repair that we can address the root of our health problems and avoid disease in the future. Today until July 28th, 2014, the Clean Gut ebook is available for $2.99. Start healing now.

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Blackberry smoothie

Blackberry Coconut Milk Shake

  • Posted by Admin on Jul 22 2014

Shakes are an important item in our wellness toolbox. Having a breakfast shake a few days a week is a simple way to provide your body with more water and easily absorbable nutrients and to reduce the work of the digestive system. Try this easy shake recipe.

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Eating Vegan Isn’t About Sacrifice and Substitution

  • Posted by Admin on Jul 17 2014

Eating vegan doesn’t have to be about sacrifice and substitutions. In Plant Power, the new cookbook from creator Nava Atlas, you’ll find 125 delicious plant-based recipes great for anyone—from committed vegans to those who just want more plants in their diet.

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MELT Video

MELT This Summer to Ease Your Aches and Pains

  • Posted by Admin on Jul 15 2014

Do you hold your tension and stress in your neck and shoulders? In this video MELT Method creator and The MELT Method author Sue Hitzmann demonstrates a quick neck decompress to relieve stuck stress and pain.

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Powers Out Survival Mom

Power’s Out Sanity Survival Tips

  • Posted by Admin on Jul 10 2014

The idea of a power outage may seem like a fun adventure for an hour or so but all too soon the family will realize that their go-to devices rely on good ol’ electricity. But never fear! Here’s Lisa Bedford, our resident Survival Mom on how to keep your family safe, entertained, AND sane in the event of a power outage.

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Lemon Water

The Power of a Lemon

  • Posted by Admin on Jul 08 2014

Did you know that one small fruit holds so many benefits? The Body Doesn’t Lie author Vicky Vlachonis recommends starting each day by drinking the juice of of half a lemon squeezed into a glass of lukewarm filtered water. In this video Vlachonis explains why lemon water is part of her daily morning ritual and why it should be part of yours.

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Peach Cobbler Art Smith's Healthy Comfort

Peach Cobbler is Synonymous with Summer

  • Posted by Admin on Jul 02 2014

“Peach cobbler is synonymous with summer,” says Art Smith in his cookbook, Art Smith’s Healthy Comfort. So as your plan your Fourth of July celebration, bake up this dessert with some of summer’s ripe fruit. Vanilla ice cream is not optional.

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