Five things you need to know this cold and flu season

  • Posted by Julia Kent on Nov 11 2016

Perhaps you heard it somewhere in the office, or along your commute, or maybe even in your own home—chances are, though, you’ve heard it by now—the telltale cough or sneeze that announces the start of cold and flu season.

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A Balancing Act

  • Posted by Admin on Mar 17 2015

Research on the human brain continues to show that our minds play a powerful role in determining our overall health and wellbeing. In his new book, Mind Your Body, renowned personal trainer Joel Harper underscores the clear connection between the body and mind.

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A New Approach to Treating Autoimmune Diseases

  • Posted by Admin on Mar 02 2015

In The Autoimmune Solution, Dr. Amy Myers, a renowned leader in functional medicine, offers her medically proven approach to prevent and reverse a wide range of inflammatory-related symptoms and diseases. Read an excerpt from her new book.

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Clean Gut Dr. Alejandro Junger

Clean Gut: Addressing the Root of Health Problems

  • Posted by Admin on Jul 24 2014

When our gut is damaged, it becomes more challenging to lose weight, digest food properly, and maintain stable moods and energy levels. It is through gut repair that we can address the root of our health problems and avoid disease in the future. Today until July 28th, 2014, the Clean Gut ebook is available for $2.99. Start healing now.

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MELT Video

MELT This Summer to Ease Your Aches and Pains

  • Posted by Admin on Jul 15 2014

Do you hold your tension and stress in your neck and shoulders? In this video MELT Method creator and The MELT Method author Sue Hitzmann demonstrates a quick neck decompress to relieve stuck stress and pain.

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Lemon Water

The Power of a Lemon

  • Posted by Admin on Jul 08 2014

Did you know that one small fruit holds so many benefits? The Body Doesn’t Lie author Vicky Vlachonis recommends starting each day by drinking the juice of of half a lemon squeezed into a glass of lukewarm filtered water. In this video Vlachonis explains why lemon water is part of her daily morning ritual and why it should be part of yours.

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Gut Health image

Healing Your Second Brain

  • Posted by Admin on Jun 19 2014

We have 100 trillion different bacteria in our bodies, up to two pounds of which are lurking in our intestines.[1] You probably know these microbes impact your digestion and your immunity—but did you realize the balance of bacteria in your gut can impact your level of pain, both physically and emotionally?

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Power Plants garden image

Grow Yourself Healthy

  • Posted by Admin on Jun 17 2014

Healthcare practitioner Bryce Wylde and gardening expert Frankie Flowers share the best tips and tricks for easy, homegrown remedies for common problems. From hangovers to sunburn, acne to aging spots, start living a healthier lifestyle today—you won’t have to go further than your backyard!

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Joint Pain the body doesn't lie

15 Foods that Cause Inflammation

  • Posted by Admin on Apr 29 2014

Food can help relieve pain, but anti-inflammatory foods will work even better if you also avoid or minimize pain-causing, pro-inflammatory foods. The Body Doesn’t Lie author Vicky Vlachonis shares a list of foods that might be triggering a reaction.

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