Rob Bell’s Christian Experiment

  • Posted by Admin on Mar 08 2016

Let’s say you are a pastor of a very large church and you hear God pushing you to reach out to those who do not come to church, to those who have never even considered going to church. So you decide to act on this calling and leave the secure setting you had and follow a path for which there is no established career trajectory. In fact, you are not even sure what you are supposed to do.

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CBN NEWS: Leaky Gut Got You Down? How to Reverse Autoimmune Disease

  • Posted by Admin on Feb 23 2016

As the amount of Americans suffering from autoimmune diseases rise, new research shows that processed foods could be the culprit. Rather than turning to expensive and often harmful medications, some doctors stress the importance of clean eating to reverse autoimmune issues.

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LA Times Op-Ed: Steven Prothero Explains Why the Culture Wars Matter

  • Posted by Admin on Feb 17 2016

In an op-ed piece for the Los Angeles Times, Steven Prothero, author of the new book Why Liberals Win the Culture Wars (Even When They Lose Elections), discusses the dynamics of the culture wars between liberals and conservatives, both past and present, arguing how these battles greatly impact our nation’s identity.

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The Most Popular Catholic Author You May Not Have Heard Of

  • Posted by Admin on Feb 03 2016

If you are a religious publishing geek like me, you know all about James Martin. If you have not heard of him, then you are in for a treat. Jim is a Jesuit priest on staff with Americamagazine, for which he serves as “editor-at-large.”

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The Secret to Successful Dieting

  • Posted by Admin on Jan 14 2016

Sticking to a diet can be tough some days. Life stresses, the holidays, and feelings of discouragement are just a few of the obstacles that can derail your healthy intentions.

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HUFFPOST RELIGION: How Seeker Spirituality Is Shaping The World Of Publishing

  • Posted by Admin on Jan 04 2016

HarperElixir, a new line of books from HarperOne, publishes books for readers in search of answers to life’s big questions.

“The audience is the modern seeker… people who are spiritual and magical and passionate and curious and they want to answer the call to go deeper,” Claudia Boutote, senior vice president and publisher of HarperElixir, told HuffPost.

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Reset Your Metabolism for Endless Energy

  • Posted by Admin on Dec 29 2015

Despite your best intentions, cutting calories and working out aren’t enough to accomplish lasting weight loss. In fact, relying solely on these approaches is actually detrimental to your health.

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